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In the interests of your safety, we introduce new work rules and additional, enhanced safety procedures in line with the current recommendations.


For you, our clients, the most important are the changes in the way treatments are arranged. Please read them before you visit the salon.


This policy will remain in effect until further notice.





"Our mood is affirmed in the expression on the face - in this sense the face is the mirror of the soul."

Atlas of Clinical Anatomy


Facemodeling is a fully natural and holistic facial modeling and rejuvenation program.
The success and effectiveness of this method consists of a number of unique techniques, such as: myoplasty, acupressure, aesthetic kinesiotaping and interplastic massage (used inside our face - the so-called "transbucal").
Thanks to the innovative use of these unique techniques, in one treatment session, we can achieve a long-lasting effect of biological rejuvenation of our face even by several years.
Facemodeling works on the deepest structures of our tissues and muscles, which allows you to obtain visible effects after the first treatment.


our team

He transfers his amazing painting talent to the micro scale, creating wonderfully decorated nails. She loves discovering new places, loves height and driving, which is balanced by her angelic peace and patience.


In love with massage, skin care, dietetics and supplementation.

Thirsty for knowledge.


Over 10 years of professional experience, passionate make-up, specialist in manual facial rejuvenation therapies.

Privately, a mother of two boys crazy about modern marketing, graphic design and programming.


Sabina Wicherek

  nail and eyebrow stylist

Martyna Pęczek


Anna Bachul

make-up artist, masseuse, cosmetologist



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